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"Jim Wilson" writes

Innis Cunningham said:

> Hi All
> Tonight I thought I would texture the tail of an aircraft I am in
> the process of doing.The tail consists of three objects.The vertical
> stabilizer,upper and lower rudder.So as not to have one side of the fin
> back the front I fragmented the three objects and then devided the
> fin into left and right and applied the textures.I then merged the three
> objects back into there individual objects and saved the file.I made no
> other changes to the model what so ever.When I went to start FG it
> got as far as the pip noise and there it stalled.I then went back and
> removed
> the texture for the vertical stabilizer and FG started just fine.Infact FG
> starts
> just fine if the texture is removed from either the fin or the upper rudder.
> Also if I group all three objects and apply the texture FG works fine except
> one side of the tail is back the front.
> Does anyone know what might be going on here and how it might be fixed.
> The objects are all textured off the one texture sheet in AC3D.
> I dont know what it is with vertical fins but I have nothing but trouble
> trying
> to get them textured.

Hi Innis,

So long as the textures for the tail are all in the same texture file you
should be ok.

Yes it is one 1024 X 1024 texture of 350kb size

If you are starting at KSFO see if it matters which airport
(maybe you are bumping against a limit?).

What limit are we talking about here.

Also, I'm not familiar with what is
required with all the different cards, but IIRC odd numbered dimmensions on
the texture file will not usually work. Hopefully this will help, otherwise
post again with information on the texture file size and dimmensions, and the
model video card.

Thanks for the help but what I dont understand is if I texture the whole vertical tail
in one go that is selecting the fin and upper and lower rudder all together then I have
no trouble running flight gear.But if I fragment the three objects and then select just
the right or left side surfaces and texture them separately when I remerge them into
their separate objects and go to start FG it stalls.The strange thing is if I go back into
AC3D and set no texture for one of the objects eg the upper rudder then FG operates
normally.What I dont understand is how if an object is textured or not prevents FG
from working.
I dont think it is to do with the video card as no other aircraft in FG has a problem and
this aircraft only seems to have a problem when it is textured in a certain way.

It is midnight here in Australia so I will pick this up in the morning.
Thanks again for your help.



Cheers Innis

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