Thank you Arnt and Jim
I have tried to learn to compile from source and have succeeded once
or twice using cygwin but it is a slow painfull process.
While people here and elsewhere say how easy it is I at present dont find
it so.
On the otherhand I have no trouble maintaining 747,767, Airbus and the like.
Engine runs autopilot problems even down to making sure your reading lite
works when you fly.
So I guess we all have our area's of skill.

"Jim Wilson" writes

Innis Cunningham said:

> Thanks Chris looks like what ever the problem was has now been fixed.
> But I will have to wait for the next release as I don't build from CVS.

Are you able to build from source though? There is a preview release out that
is pretty good. Also there is a patch file on the flightgear download page
which will get you from 0.9.6 to 0.9.8.pre2 with only 11mb download (as
opposed to 89mb).



Cheers Innis

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