Wach, Brian SIK wrote:

I am considering integrating your free software into some of our simulators
here at Sikorsky Aircraft.

Question #1. Can we use your API to drive your visuals from a SGI thru a UDP
/ Ethernet / shared memory mechanism ?

Hi Brian,

If I understand the question, you would like to connect the FG visuals to your simulator, correct? If so the basic network packet structure is public domain and you can do whatever you like. The API is essentially just sending packets over to FG so there's really no magical or complicated "API" to worry about. As long as you keep FG as a separate application from any of your proprietary code you should be fine.

Question #2 Can we convert or use any of our legacy Open Flight databases to
run with Flight Gear ?

FlightGear's world scenery structure may or may not lend itself to that. Individual objects can be converted and placed in a relatively straightforward way (plib has some openflight support so you may be able to use your objects directly.) But in terms of the overall terrain and coordinate system, this could be a bit trickier depending on your your database is laid out.



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