Syd said:

> Hi all.... me again
> I understand about alpha layers and the drawing order , but the problem 
> I had was it would work for one version of plib and not for another. I 
> had to rearrange the object order in the ac file to get the gauges to 
> show when I switched plib versions. Does the dhc-2 that Jim modified 
> work with the standard plib ?
> Im redoing the gauges for the Beaver for testing ( I hate recompiling 
> just to test this problem :) .
> And crossing my fingers.Trying to eliminate the transparent panel.If it 
> works I  can carry on with the Citation and B1900D.
> Anyway ... any other problems ,tips, optimizations would be helpful. I 
> was trying to keep polygons to a minimum ... as some planes are barely 
> flyable on my system .... especially the Concorde ( not sure why ).

Does anyone know what he's talking about?  Is there anything going on in plib
currently that would change the order of the objects being loaded from single
ac3d file from what it has been for many years in plib?

I'm all for having an alpha sorting option, but AFAIK it is not in yet, and
even if it was it would not be causing the problems people are reporting.

Syd, if you just get rid of the parenting and put the panel object with the
"glass" down the end of the file on those models you'll be right.   If there
are any problems after that it won't be a fault with your models.  Breaking
them up into pieces won't help.  If anything changed it'd be to the worse
since the whole problem with _not_ having alpha sorting in plib and only
sorting "manually" is the sorts don't span multiple models and scene
components.  You probably won't need to worry about that happening here, but
just the same I think you may be wasting time making those changes.



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