Hello Norman,

> I think an abstract Terrain API is a great idea however please
> keep in mind that FlightGear uses a round earth model and that
> this should be reflected in any FGFS Terrain API

Yeah, there are a lot of things one has to keep in mind I guess, so
this will be most probably an iterative process... that's why
I'm begging for a branch :-) 

The API-sketch passes coordinates in lat/lon (via SGLocation), so there should
be no problem regarding the roundness of the earth. Anyhow, the
API will be as simple as possible; currently just elevation, ground type and
collision queries and some sort of rendering interface. Maybe some
methods for dynamic addition of airports. The APIs' initial task will be to 
encapsulate the existing ground code, any other fancy stuff comes in later if
necessary :-) I'll post the intitial sketch later...

> Is this methodology you want to integrate ?
> http://cg.cs.uni-bonn.de/docs/publications/2004/wahl-2004-scalable.pdf

yes, that's it.



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