David Megginson wrote:

Currently, FlightGear (SimGear, actually) always sets visibility to
near-nil when the plane is inside a cloud layer -- obviously, the
right and proper solution is 3D clouds, but until we have that
working, or at least until we can detect whether the plane is actually
near the cloudy part of a texture, I suggest that we do not limit the
visibility when the cloud coverage is under 50% (i.e. scattered, few,
or clear).

It's a bit of a hack, but it does make it possible to fly VFR under
conditions that are legal VFR -- it's quite normal for VFR pilots to
climb through a scattered cloud layer, for example (our scattered
texture might be a little too busy for realism, though).  You should
have everything go white when there are only a few clouds in the sky.

I'd like to commit this (very small) change.  Are there any
objections?  It's especially useful with --enable-real-weather-fetch,
where otherwise a low layer of few clouds gives you IMC right off the
end of the runway.

Here's the complete summay:

 clear: normal vis
 few: normal vis
 scattered: normal vis
 broken: low vis
 overcast: low vis
 cirrus: low vis

Thanks, and all the best,


One issue to consider is that going to nil visibility (and not drawing the cloud plane) hides when you pass through the "cloud plane". When the cloud plane intersects the near clip plane you get some ugly artifacts. I don't know how you get around this if you go to only partial visibility. I don't know if I'm willing to live with that artifact.



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