On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 13:59:28 -0600, Curtis L. Olson

> One issue to consider is that going to nil visibility (and not drawing
> the cloud plane) hides when you pass through the "cloud plane".   When
> the cloud plane intersects the near clip plane you get some ugly
> artifacts.  I don't know how you get around this if you go to only
> partial visibility.  I don't know if I'm willing to live with that artifact.

I'm not even going to only partial vis -- I'm not touching vis at all
with under 50% cloud coverage.

On my system, it doesn't look too bad -- FlightGear doesn't draw the
cloud texture at all when you're (supposedly) inside the cloud layer. 
It does reappear when you get below it, but that sudden pop is not
nearly so big a problem as not being able to use FlightGear to fly VFR
in what should be VFR conditions.

For an inexperienced user, especially, having everything go white when
trying to descend past a few clouds (far away) is a far worse visual
glitch than having a texture suddenly pop into view, and will probably
cause the user to loose control and get frustrated.

Should I tentatively commit it so that people can try it out?  We can
always revert if people hate it (and then I'll have to run it just as
a local patch).

All the best,



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