1st of all: F.G. is great :-)
I like OpenSource and I loved playing Flight Simulators few years ago. Now I'm trying out this software and I like flying around my country (which is Italy) with it very much. It's a pity that the scenery is still very poor (though I appreciate the effort in generating such a huge world wide scenery set).

I would like to help, maybe with some simple objects around the scenery (buildings, aerial pictures of the terrain, some more details for the two airports around my city, Palermo, that's just an example).

I'm using the Windows binary, I tryed out the trial version of AC3D as a modeller, TaxiDraw for taxy ways generation. I was used to 3D Studio (many years ago) and AutoCAD, so I have some basic skills on vector drawings. I 'live' in my city so I'm able to personally check out the world as it really is and build up objects around the airports with do not look 'inappropriate' to the simulation and I'd really love to put the building where I live myself into the scenery :-)

And now it comes to the developer team: some hints would be very appreciated. I'd like to use a Windows OS because I'm sooo used to it (please forgive me :-) but I read that most of the tools are Unix based. I'd love to know that it's not a complete waste of time insisting in using this OS, so ... Who is still maintaing world sceneries? Should I contact someone in order to coordinate the efforts? Is there some more documentation for building objects around the scenery (I mean something more about file formats, software tool kits, geographical references etc...)?

Well, I hope someone will give me a chance.

p.s. there are a bunch of very interesting and detailed MS-FS scenery sets around (many of them are free); could it be a good starting point for adding details to the local (around the city of Palermo) F.G. scenery? Maybe it's not that difficult to convert to the F.G. format.

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