* Richard Bytheway -- Tuesday 11 January 2005 15:23:
> Do the texture files _have_ to be in RGB(A) format? 
> Which first says that PNG is not supported, but then implies that it is. Does
> anyone know whether plib will load PNG files as textures? 

AFAIK, png is a compile-time dependency, and requires libpng. Neither can we
assume that libpng is installed everywhere, nor that plib is compiled with
png support. SGI images have the advantage, that loading and saving is simpler
and the code fully integrated in plib. No external libs required.


PS: it doesn't take my optimizer to make better *rgb/*rgba. Just save them
    "aggressively" RLE compressed (as GIMP calls this method; it isn't really
    aggressive, but conforms to the SGI spec. We have a lot of these in cvs
    already, and nobody complained. Erik confirmed that they *do* work on
    SGI, no matter what GIMP thinks.)

    Another way to created them: use ImageMagick's "convert" with option
    -compress RLE. (My optimizer does better, but only by a small margin. :-)

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