* Pablo J. -- Wednesday 12 January 2005 01:23:
> Regarding real weather processing from live METAR reports, please
> consider providing the capability to load the weather conditions from
> a file, not only from live stations.
> It may be possible for someone to wish to fly FGFS right now but using
> the "actual" weather from some day in the past, and those particular
> conditions are available through the respective METAR file.

Let's wait for that "someone" to speak up. Why bother if (s)he does maybe
not even exist.

> That capability will allow for example, that someone take-off from his
> local airport with the stormy and rainy nigth conditions from four
> days ago, just right now that the sun is shinning!!

For that you would need METAR sets for several stations and for several
moments in time. It would have to support recorded weather for a flight
from, let's say, KSFO to KJFK. I don't see a way to integrate something
like this in fgfs.

The best we can do, is to modify the METAR system to "send" a query
to the property system (KSFO at <time>) and to expect a matching METAR
string as a response within a few seconds, otherwise to fetch the data
from the net. It'll then be in the responsibility of "Mr(s). Someone"
to feed recorded METAR strings to fgfs via telnet/socket.

Or, to make the fetch address settable, so "Someone" can set up a
webserver that delivers old data. Recording METAR strings is *very*
simple and can be done with a few lines of bash.


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