On Wednesday 12 January 2005 16:19, Roberto Inzerillo wrote:
> Hi all, I made a little 3D model (representing a Villa in my city) with
> GMax but I can't export it to 3ds file format (basic GMax packet does not
> include that function).
> Does anybody have the 3ds export plugin, can you please convert it for me
> so that I import the model with proper lat/long/alt into the F.G. scenery
> set?
>  Thx,
>     Roberto

I don't know about a 3ds export plugin for GMax, but what you could use now
is a MD3 export plugin for GMax:

After you have your 3d model in MD3 format you can import it in Blender

with the MD3 import Script for Blender:

In Blender you can then export it to the AC3D *.ac  file format and use 
it for FlightGear.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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