Erik Hofman wrote:
> Martin Spott wrote:

>  > I realized that
>> you have to push the stick heavily in order to achieve level flight.
>> Could someone tell me which knob to adjust in order to make this behave
>> a bit more realistic ?
> Huh, I can't recall that was necessary. Maybe the center of gravity 
> needs to change a bit?

Two things: I have the impression that two notches of flaps are set per
default on startup, it might me worthwile to remove this.
And there's a second point which becomes visible when you use the HUD:

The third 'scale' from the left has two markers (the first is power,
the second is airspeed and the one I meen is the one that comes next).
The marker on the right side displays the elevator position and the one
on the left side .... !?
I don't know why this isn't centered and I, don't know how to make it
centered. Actually I don't know even know what it means,

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