I've been working with the Flightgear code in an attempt to test out some reinforcement learning techniques, and I've run into a little bit of a problem.  I need to write up an initialization module that sets the plane in a consistent stable state in mid air with specific parameters (eg speed = 70 knots, pitch = 10 deg, ...).  I've been attempting to do so by explicitly setting the "/velocities/..." and "/orientation/..." values witht he fgSetDouble function (basically the same ones as are set in the fgSetDefaults function in options.cxx).  This seems to work for some aspects (altitude), but not others (pitch, speed).  I assume there is something I am missing that I need to set as well.  Is there some other portion of the code that I should take a look at, or anything you could think that I could be overlooking?
Thanks in advance,
Geoff Levine
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