Jim Wilson wrote:

Norman Vine said:

maybe something like

static void fgIdleFunction ( void ) {
   // printf("idle state == %d\n", idle_state);

if ( idle_state == 0 ) {
// Initialize the splash screen right away
if ( fgGetBool("/sim/startup/splash-screen") ) {
} else {
if ( fgGetBool("/sim/startup/splash-screen") ) {
fgSplashUpdate(0.0, 1.0);
if ( idle_state == 1 ) {


That won't do it. You've reminded me that we do need the /sim/startup/splash-screen property (in addition to geometry, etc).

The problem is we're doing way to much before even getting that far. It looks
like 90% of the delay is loading the Airport database. We should be able to
just load the configuration and parameters and do the rest of the work that's
being done in fgInitMain after we get the loop going. Everytime I look at
this init code I've got to relearn how it works. It is still a mess.

Let's please hold off on touching any of this and restructuring the init order until *after* the upcoming release.


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