D Luff said:

> On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 20:27:10 -0000
> "Jim Wilson" wrote:
> > The problem is we're doing way to much before even getting that far.  It 
> > looks
> > like 90% of the delay is loading the Airport database.  
> The problem is that loading the airport database take *much* (>10 times)
longer on Windows than Linux.  That means that a lot of the core developers
don't really notice this as much.

Actually I'm running linux and its with an optimized fs so most things load
very quickly.

> >We should be able to
> > just load the configuration and parameters and do the rest of the work 
> > that's
> > being done in fgInitMain after we get the loop going.  Everytime I look at
> > this init code I've got to relearn how it works.  It is still a mess.
> Agreed.  I had a look at some of it recently with a view to automatically
starting on the into the wind runway with real-weather.  At the moment it
can't be done, since real-weather is dependent on position, and I'm trying to
introduce the counter-dependency as well.  What I think needs to happen is to
init approx location first, then init the environment, then init exact location.

Absolutely, but all that can be done after the loop starts so that we can get
the splash up there more quickly.



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