On Sonntag 16 Januar 2005 18:33, Martin Spott wrote:
> "Curtis L. Olson" wrote:
> > Now that plib-1.8.4 is released, I'd like to push forward with the
> > FlightGear v0.9.8 release.  Does anyone have any changes that need to
> > get put in before the release?
> Now that Mathias' patch is part of PLIB release maybe it makes sense to
> reanimate the crease tokens in the Nimitz- and probably other models.
> Just an idea,
Vivian prepares a *very* good new Nimitz model.
I just put out the crease tokens together with the addition of the in cvs 
missing textures to get a state where all what is in cvs, is at least 
complete and works well with current recommended libs.
... to have a consistent state when the release happens.

I won't put any further work in the the current Nimitz.

So stay tuned, it will really look great!



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