Oliver C. wrote:

In this case it depends on the following:
Does a definition get not defined when a value is missing?

Not anymore, I have committed a patch that ignores platforms that re not specified within the >number></number> section.

This is a heads up for all joystick users:
I have thought of possible problems with this, but the only one I could think of is when <axis n=""> is defined for platforms that are not defined within the <number></number> section.

!! This is bas behavior and should be corrected !!

For example, when this is the definition:

  <desc>View Elevation (windows)</desc>

then what happens when FlightGear is started on a unix system?

It will be ignored in the latest code.

Does this definition get ignored or do we have an error because of
a NULL assignment?

<desc>View Elevation (windows)</desc>
<-- NULL for a UNIX OS? --> </number>

This section will now be completely ignored (even if n="" is specified in the axis tag).


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