Martin Spott wrote:

Didn't I already post this ? .... must have gone lost somewhere on my
servers  :-)

I changed my scripts to build PLIB without 'SL' by default which made
be encounter some old but apparently unused dependencies:

1.) src/Input/Makefile still adds '-plibsl -lplibsm' for linking
'js_demo'. I think they are not used anymore, the whole
$(audio_LIBS) clause could be removed from this subdir.

I have the vague recollection that some platform depends on this for some odd reason (???) Remind me after the upcoming release and we can remove it at the start of the next cycle so we have time to fix it if it breaks some platform.

2.) FlightGear/src/Sound/beacon.hxx lines 36,37 still include PLIB SL
headers, these should be removed

Good catch, this is now fixed.


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