"Curtis L. Olson" said:

> Chris Metzler wrote:
> >Cool.  The one thing I'd recommend is including info about development
> >status (at the very least, the one-word status that's used in the
> >--min-status command line switch).  Without it, there will be users
> >d'l'ing a plane with great enthusiasm only to be disappointed to find
> >that it's in alpha with no panel and no real FDM, etc.
> >  
> >
> Ok, I've add that.  So here is a request for help:
> In addition to the <status> tag, I also support a <author> and <version> 
> tags.  It would be great if people could go through and fill in these 
> fields as they can.  Also, I'm happy to take thumbnail.jpg (171x128 
> pxls) submissions for any planes that don't have them.  If you are the 
> author of a plane and someone already sent in a thumbnail for your 
> aircraft, feel free to supercede the original submission with an 
> official thumbnail for your aircraft.

Hi Curt,

Help is on the way.  Doing this has been beckoning me all afternoon,  but
fortunately family got in the way again ;-).   Later tonight and/or in the
morning I'll do a bunch.  I know quite a few of the authors and have a folder
of screen caps.



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