Erik Hofman wrote

> Paul Surgeon wrote:
> > How would I model for instance the ECAM switching on an A340 at the
> moment?
> > The switches are located on the center pedestal but the displays are on
> the
> > center panel. Would I have to add them to the properties tree?
> > How do I control the logic of those switches? If there is a failure I
> must be
> > able to override those switch settings and display the failure without
> > changing the position of the switch. Then the pilot must be able to
> > acknowledge and override (yet again) those failures on the display.
> > How do I tell the PFD or ND to display the ECAM screens? (This can be
> done on
> > real Airbus aircraft)
> > How do I close solenoid X if switch A is in postion Z but hydraulic
> pressure
> > is between 1000 and 1500 psi and there is a failure on the blue
> hydraulic
> > system?
> > FlightGear cannot and should not ever have to handle all these aircraft
> > operating procedures.
> I'm not convinced FlightGear cannot handle all this already (or
> requiring just a couple of small changes). But I agree that this will be
> a huge task.

This looks eminently doable in xml or Nasal (it's what Nasal was built for
after all). It would be big, but not all that big a task, either. 



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