On Tuesday 18 Jan 2005 18:45, Don Oliver wrote:
> Is anyone in the process of making a QuickSilver MX
> ultralight for Flight Gear?
> If not, I would like to combine learning to make 3d
> models in Turbocad with learning to make an aircraft
> for Flight Gear.
> The MX is a very simple aircraft, with no instruments,
> and only a lever for throttle, and a joystick for
> rudder/elevator. The ones that I flew in the early
> 80's didn't even have brakes.
> Don

I was mucking about with a flexwing design for a while. I did think of doing a 
Quicksilver but I decided against it because I like 'navigable' aircraft ;-)

It'd be really good to have a fairly detailed aircraft like the Quicksilver 
with an 'ultra-open' cockpit to check out the scenery that we are starting to 

I also wondered about trying to simulate a BRS system that you see on many 
Quicksilvers but I'm not sure if the FDMs would support such a thing.

Look forward to seeing it :-)

Dave Martin

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