On Tuesday 18 Jan 2005 22:07, Lee Elliott wrote:

> By all means have a go at tweaking any of the a/c I've done:)
> Be aware that flight testing is a very time consuming process
> though;)
> The point about the low fuel load for displays is pretty
> important - with a very low proportion of fuel on board the TOW
> is going to be around 700,000 lbs but the total thrust available
> i still going to be around 300,000 lbs - that's a pretty good
> thrust to weight ratio.  On that other hand, at MTOW the AN-225
> can't even taxi i.e. turn on the ground.
> In the video it looks like it's getting roll rates of about 20-30
> deg/sec - I'll have a look into it myself a bit later.
> One thing that's just occurred to me is that I'd expect the roll
> rate to be higher at low TOWs because there's less mass to move.
> Has anyone any idea of what the minimum required roll rate would
> be for something like this?
> Another important factor with the AN-225 in the low speed regime
> are the slats but they don't seem to produce the pitch-up I'd
> expect.  Dunno...
> LeeE

I've been trying to get the aircraft to do the display detail with the outer 
tanks empty and light fuel load on the inners.

Does the FDM accurately model roll inertia when the outer tanks are full?

Fantastic model btw :-)

Dave Martin

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