I know we can debate this endlessly so I hesitate to even bring this up, but are there any particular aircraft that absolutely, positively, must be in the base package. Now that we have a separate aircraft download page, there's no need to include every aircraft in the base distribution.

I went through our list and tried to come up with a variety of aircraft that represents some of the major aircraft types as well as includes examples from many of our major aircraft designers. Here's the list I came up with. It's still probably too long. If you suggest a different aircraft, you have to tell me why it's better than two aircraft on my list so I can reduce the size of my list.

So here's what I have ...

737 - large commercial jet. Reasonably well done. Flies pretty well. Nice 2d panel with some simple glass elements.
A-10 - A gorgeous external 3d model by Lee with nice flight dynamics and really well done gear animation.
bo105 - I could say a lot of nice things, but why bother, it's our only helicopter so it has to be included anyway.
c172, c172-le, c172p, c172r, c172x - I don't have the energy to sort out the dependencies so throw it all in.
c310, c310u3a - light twin, again I think there are cross dependencies so just include them both for now.
dhc2 - Our only sea plane, a cool aircraft, nicely done 3d cockpit, flies well.
f16 - A nicely done high performance military jet.
j3cub - Another nicely done aircraft, simple, easy to fly.
Hunter - A classic/early jet. Well done. 3d cockpit, european representation.
p51d - A classic WWII fighter ... also well done. Full 3d cockpit.
ufo - handy for debugging.
wrightFlyer1903 - First successful powered flyer.

So what did I miss and why should I replace something on my list with it?



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