"Curtis L. Olson" said:

> I know we can debate this endlessly so I hesitate to even bring this up, 
> but are there any particular aircraft that absolutely, positively, must 
> be in the base package.  Now that we have a separate aircraft download 
> page, there's no need to include every aircraft in the base distribution.
> I went through our list and tried to come up with a variety of aircraft 
> that represents some of the major aircraft types as well as includes 
> examples from many of our major aircraft designers.  Here's the list I 
> came up with.  It's still probably too long.  If you suggest a different 
> aircraft, you have to tell me why it's better than two aircraft on my 
> list so I can reduce the size of my list.
> So here's what I have ...
> 737 - large commercial jet.  Reasonably well done.  Flies pretty well.  
> Nice 2d panel with some simple glass elements.
> A-10 - A gorgeous external 3d model by Lee with nice flight dynamics and 
> really well done gear animation.
> bo105 - I could say a lot of nice things, but why bother, it's our only 
> helicopter so it has to be included anyway.
> c172, c172-le, c172p, c172r, c172x - I don't have the energy to sort out 
> the dependencies so throw it all in.
> c310, c310u3a - light twin, again I think there are cross dependencies 
> so just include them both for now.
> dhc2 - Our only sea plane, a cool aircraft, nicely done 3d cockpit, 
> flies well.
> f16 - A nicely done high performance military jet.
> j3cub - Another nicely done aircraft, simple, easy to fly.
> Hunter - A classic/early jet.  Well done.  3d cockpit, european 
> representation.
> p51d - A classic WWII fighter ... also well done.  Full 3d cockpit.
> ufo - handy for debugging.
> wrightFlyer1903 - First successful powered flyer.
> So what did I miss and why should I replace something on my list with it?

It is too late for this,  but just wanted to suggest (for next time) that both
Curt's list and David's follow up both sounded great.  I hope that we only
included the c172p and I'd strongly favor cutting a military jet, adding the
piper. Also I think I would have considered cutting the c310, even though it
is the only light twin.  The u3a cockpit was my very first 3D project and it
really isn't too spiffy.  It would be very nice to have a civilian c310 (maybe
we should just repaint the u3a and call it a c310b?).  Gotta keep in mind that
we are still releasing the aircraft and it really doesn't pay to have a very
large base package.  In any case, I'll work on untangling the cross
dependencies in the c310* folders.

Oh yeah, and the ufo, even though it is small,  is more fun on the website
than in the base package.  If someone needs it for debugging they are probably
going to download it.



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