On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 20:05:18 +0000, Lee Elliott

> > I think the user community will stomp out that kind of thing
> > pretty fast, whatever we do about linking.  It looks very
> > newbie and shareware-ish.

> Heh! - Sorry, but I'm not sure exactly which bits will get
> stomped out and/or are newbie and shareware-ish.

Vanity licensing clauses.  Outside of little shareware communities,
the world pretty much wants some kind of standard open source license
or public domain, or it shrugs and moves on -- it gets way too hard to
keep track when n packages end up with n different kinds of licenses
("OK, lets see: package #1023 is for non-violent use only, package #56
is for use only by Wiccans and those who agree not to persecute them,
package #337 is banned for use in Israel, package #5529 is banned for
use in the Occupied Territories, and package #18 is for use only by
Ralph Nader supporters").

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