Martin Spott a écrit :

I just downloaded the Win32 package and took it for a test-ride. There
are three things I'd like to mention:

1.) The Isle of Alcatraz doesn't look as I'm used to it from
FlightGear. To my knowledge Frederic adapted the terrain to
include the heliport, this is now missing.

Heliport are no longer in the new Scenery ( 0.9.8 )

2.) On Windows I usually place e system.fgfsrc file in the 'data/'
directory. This usually works fine but there is a flaw that already
was present in the 0.9.6 Win32 binary: The "--aircraft="-flag is
not being honoured, I always get the c172. Everything else looks

System.fgfsrc is no longer overwritten but it is still read by flightgear. So you can get old value you don't want anymore


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