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> Probably I've got this wrong,  but isn't the c-172 our most refined/realistic
> flightmodel?  My impression of yasim, from using it for the p51d, but not as
> an aero engineer,  is that getting an aircraft working is about 2 parts theory
> and 1 part voodoo (the part that the basic formulas don't cover).

Actually, I'd say that the two are roughly equal in realism: JSBSim
can use real, measured flight coefficients when they exist (most of
the time we have to make them up right now), but it is stuck at a high
level of abstraction because it can apply its calculations only to the
aircraft as a whole; YASim cannot use real coefficients, but since it
handles each lifting surface separately, it works at a lower level of
abstraction can handle various asymmetric situations much more
believably (for example, JSBSim can model a stalled plane, but YASim
can model a stalled *wing* with the other wing not stalled).

After working a lot on and flown a lot with both models, I find the
handling of the YASim pa28-161 more realistic than the handling of the
c172p, though they're both good.

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