On 20/01/2005 at 10:55 Jon Berndt wrote:

>> Ok wrong word.  Let me just say that it seems to lack some magic. 
>Setting up
>> the p51d in Yasim was not my original intention as Jon S. Berdnt was
>> at the time I started the 3D that he had a nearly working JSBSim model.
> ... which I did. I thought. The more I looked at the numbers for aero
>qualities that I
>was getting from DATCOM, the more I realized something was amiss. Also, at
>the time I
>believe our engine capabilities were not what I thought they were. Now we
>have a
>turbocharged piston engine model. 

You should consider the turbocharging to be an alpha model though - we
haven't applied it in anger yet.  When you start on a P51 or Spitfire (or
any other model) give me a heads up and I'll test/refine/debug the
turbo/supercharging stuff in tandem with what you're doing.

Cheers - Dave

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