On 21/01/2005 at 10:05 Jim Wilson wrote:

>Frederic Bouvier said:
>> Stewart Andreason a écrit :
>> > It seems this aircraft is required to start FlightGear.
>> >
>> >  > fgfs
>> >
>> > WARNING: ssgLoadAC: Failed to open
>> >
>> > for reading
>> > Abort
>> >
>> This plane is required by the AI/ATC module and has been removed from
>> the standard distribution. It is available on the website though.
>Any chance the AI could be intelligent enough to silently load a different
>model or skip it altogether if the ac file isn't there?

That would make sense.  I've never worked with exceptions before - only
failure indicated by function return value.  What's the general gist - if I
wrap my call to the load aircraft function in try.. catch blocks and then
handle the exception will it stop the "Failed to load aircraft" and "Abort"
messages currently getting to teh screen?

Oh, and BTW, the reason the AI system initialises even when turned off is
so that the user can turn on the traffic from the AI/ATC menu whilst
running the sim.

Cheers - Dave

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