Sorry to be spammy again but I'm still firmly of the belief that this is 
something that could affect FlightGear or any other FOSS in future.

The EU Council is once again pushing the patent bill back onto the A-List of 
the *Fisheries and Agriculture* meeting on Monday. This is *extremely* 
underhand and I am personally furious at such erosion of the democratic 
system in Europe.

The Council has obviously realised that they could push this for a Monday 
meeting without having it discovered until the preceeding Friday making 
counteraction hard.

From the FFII:

>On Monday, software patents are likely to be passed by the
>Fisheries and Agriculture Ministries.
>Dear FFII supporter [1],
>at the Agricultural Council's meeting next Monday, the
>Software Patent Directive is likely to be inserted into the
>list of agenda items in the last minute. The aim seems
>to be to preempt ongoing efforts in the European
>Parliament for a restart of the procedure. [2]
>Please write today to your minister of Agriculture,
>Fisheries and other political representatives, 
>and ask to have the software patent directive taken off 
>the agenda.
>Usable argumentation can be found on the webdemo
>page at
>Kind regards, Felix Klee, Holger Blasum

Please note, this method is being used (abused) to get an entirely unmoderated 
bill passed.

If you are an EU Citizen and feel you want/need to help then please, at least 
sign the FFIIs protest letter:

Text of the letter:

Many Thanks

Dave Martin 

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