Hi everyone,

I've added a particle system to FlightGear that simulates the smoke via a PLIB 
(I adapted the class ssgaParticleSystem to meet some requirements).
However, I've in trouble with billboarding. Used alone, with a PLIB's example, 
the code
that rotates the particles following the user movement's works right. In 
instead, that code doesn't works and the particles follows the user only within 
a small
range of rotations (they move like the lens flare...).

I think that the bug is into the code of rotation: it uses the MODELVIEW 
matrix, that
maybe doesn't works with the lookAt and lookFrom.

There's a way to get the position and the rotation of the view (I've tried 
about all the 
methods into the class FGViewer, but even when the view is rotated the data 
change). If I could get them maybe I'll able to correctly rotate the particles.



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