Erik Hofman said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > This was an old issue.  Just the same, I followed up and found that there 
> > was
> > no problem building without jpeg-factory using the latest cvs (the 0.9.8
> > release should be the same).  You might try clearing simgear and it's header
> > files out of the installation directories,  then reinstall simgear (sans the
> > jpeg-factory) and then reconfiguring and rebuilding flightgear.  The
> > flightgear configure script checks for the presence of the header and 
> > library
> > file for jpeg-factory and reinstalling SimGear without jpeg-factory will
> > simply leave the old versions there.  I don't recall, but there may be a 
> > make
> > uninstall option in SimGear.
> The problem is that when you have installed the jpeg-factory code once 
> there will be a file called simgear/screen/tr.h in the include directory 
> (most ofter /usr/local/include). The configure script tests for this 
> file whether or not to include the jpeg-factory support in FlightGear.
> Removing the tr.h file and running configure again should do the trick.

Thanks for looking that up.  Note that it is a good idea to remove an old
package completely before installing a new version, unless you are using a
package manager that supports update functions.  A good practice (TM).



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