Today i tried to fly over the geographical North Pole in FlightGear and
found the following bugs.

1. There were some bugs with the scenery alignment,

Just take a look at these pictures:

Here we have a long ditch on the ocean floor.

When we fly a little farther into the northern direction we have a big hole at 
around  88*58.502 N on the ocean floor:

I also want to mention, that there is no ice visible at the North Pole.
BTW: It would also be a good idea to have polar lights.

2. When reaching waypoint 90*00.000 N the sun plays crazy.
I know, in winter it shouldn't be possible to see the sun at the North Pole at 
day time but because of the big hole in the ocean (see above) it was possible 
to see what happens with the sun.
It flys around the center of my view point.
This shouldn't happen,
Maybe it is better to use a spherical model for the sun and stars
instead of a sky dome or by making he sun the center of the 3d world (in other 
words using 3 coordinate systems instead of 2. One coordinate system for the 
sun as a center of the solar system, one planet coordinate system and one 
local coordinate system to avoid floating point precision problems)
Is this technically possible?

3. When trying to fly straight over the North Pole (waypoint 90*00.000 N)
the latitude co-ordinate  freezes instead of counting backwards.
And the longitude runs in a cycle trying to find the correct co-ordinate.
So it was not possible to fly over the North Pole, the only thing that worked 
was to turn the ufo 180 degrees and fly back.   

Then i also have a question, what co-ordinates are used for the "magnetic" 
North  Pole in FlightGear? Is this implemented?

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.

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