Erik Hofman wrote

> Martin Spott wrote:
> > "Curtis L. Olson" wrote:
> >
> >>I could also wish a few things.
> >>
> >>1. That we treat everyone with respect.
> >
> > Yes please, with no exception!!
> > The logical consequence would be that you (and maybe Arthur as well)
> > give a _credible_ signal to us that you respect our faith as much as
> > yours - instead of dividing the list menbers into the ones that share
> > your belief and the 'inferior' ones that either share a different
> > belief or are non-religious.
> I really would like this to end. The matter has been resolved because
> Arthur removed the offending document. Because of his strong believes I
> even think that's generous.
> I also didn't see any sign that Curt didn't respect anyone, in fact his
> responses have been rather neutral. If you push this any further we
> might even lose Curt as a project admin, I for one would not like to see
> that happen.
> Please, let's move on.

Seconded. We must move on. 


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