* Erik Hofman -- Sunday 23 January 2005 15:15:
> Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > http://baron.flightgear.org/pipermail/flightgear-devel/2004-December/033009.html
> Melchior, as I understand this it requires a change in plib as well as 
> in FlightGear doesn't it (meaning there is no way to get it working 
> without the plib change)?
> If so, then the discussion must get a follow up in the plib developers 
> list (I assume it hasn't been discussed there already?)

This patch was only thought to show what exactly fails and why. The patch was 
a proof of concept. I didn't think it was acceptable to be applied. I had hoped
that the author of this code part would comment on it, or that someone would 
a hint for how to best fix it. Now 0.9.8 is out with this old bug (except some
of the packagers modified his statically linked plib accordingly?). As the 
fix would be *not* to display 20000 airports of which only 100 are installed,
anyway, I'm not sure if the airport list deserves to survive, and if spending
time for it is worth it. 


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