--- Erik Hofman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

> I'm afraid I don't exactly understand what you are
> requesting here. Do 
> you want to location of the gui-code that sets the
> property, do you want 
> the code that generates the airport-list for the gui
> or do you still 
> want something else?

I had assumed that getStringValue() wasn't the
function that should be used to get the value from a
control as it wasn't getting called. So I was hoping
that someone could tell me which method *was* being
called. From Melchior's reply I gather that I got the
right method, but the overridden version on
AirportList isn't getting called due to the way PLIB
works. I don't know what the chances of getting PLIB
changed are, but I do think this (selecting an airport
from a list) would be a nice feature.

On the other hand, if most people feel that it isn't
necessary (you can change airports by using Position
Aircraft (on ground) after all) then the select from
list option should probably be removed.



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