* Andrew Midosn -- Sunday 23 January 2005 16:54:
>  --- Melchior FRANZ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> http://baron.flightgear.org/pipermail/flightgear-devel/2004-December/033009.html
> So it can't be done without changes to PLIB.

Wrong conclusion. The current code depends on two plib functions
being virtual, which they aren't. So the easiest fix was to make
them virtual. But, of course, one can change the fgfs parts to work
without that.

> I'm thinking of anyone
> that runs terrasync - they should have access to any
> airport regardless of whether they currently have the
> scenery available for it or not, shouldn't they?

If terrasync would then download the respective terrain before fgfs
puts you there, then yes. But this isn't the case, so it's pointless
for now. You end up in sea either way.

> It might be more useful to be able to apply a filter
> to the list to reduce it in size. Probably filtering
> by state for the USA and by country [...]


> Of course, we would have to have access to that information, which
> I don't think is available in apt.dat.



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