I noticed that you (Curtis) added a different output format for the Navradio 
frequencies in CVS.

I had a quick play with this on both my own NavCom and the Citation's - 
unfortunately it still displays the wrong value on the panel.

Last time I asked about this here, the discussion went into 'floating point' 
issues (and sailed clean over my head). ;-)

Is this the same issue causing this and does anyone have an idea for an 

***If you missed the discussion before:

When taking a value from 
say /instrumentation/nav/frequencies/selected-mhz-fmt[0] and using it to 
texture translate a number on the frequency display of a 3d instrument (nav 
radio) the value will be shown incorrectly.

ie: if the frequency is 110.10 the 3d instrument will display 110.09 - at some 
frequencies it may read correctly; at other frequencies the error is greater.


Dave Martin

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