--- Paul Surgeon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 
> On Monday, 24 January 2005 10:48, Erik Hofman wrote:
> > Maybe it's even a better idea to have a world map
> image where you can
> > zoom in in three or four steps to select the
> desired airport?
> If someone could add ssgContext support or some way
> to render to a texture or 
> window inside of FG I could add it within 2 weeks.
> I already have code that renders a textured WGS 84
> ellipsoid in OpenGL with 
> pan/zoom functionality. Adding airports to the globe
> with picker support 
> would take no more than a day or two.
> The only issue is that I'm using rather large
> texture maps - it would take a 
> bit more work to add vector maps.
> This issue of not being able to render to a sub
> window is coming back to bite 
> us everytime. If it's not stuff like this then it's
> moving map/GPS/ND type 
> instruments.

Now that sounds like the best idea overall. Mind you,
assuming we had the ability to render to a sub-window,
I think it's outside my abilities with C++ at present
(Python might be a different matter). I'll keep
tinkering away and learning for the moment, and wait
impatiently for someone else to do the hard stuff! ;-)



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