Manuel Massing ha scritto:
Hello Robicd,

 I've made a .ase 3d object (a Villa of my town) for a scenery. I have
a satellite picture of the place where the Villa resides, which has
"datum wgs84" coordinates of the two corners of the bitmap. I really
don't know how to convert such coordinates (1st corner is
353620.2/4225543.6, 2nd corner is 354212.2/4225976.1) to a format
suitable for a .stg file.

These coordinates don't mean much by themselves, you need to know which
projection they relate to. Probably a UTM projection in your case.

You're right, the picture shows a Projection field too. Complete infos are:

Datum: WGS84
Projection: NUTM33

Coordinate top left
x: 353620.2 y: 4225543.6

Coordinate bottom right
x: 354212.2 y: 4225976.1

Scale: 1:2944

Is this enough for making a correct unit conversion? I would like to comprehend what all those units mean but ... I guess there's no Coordinates-MiniHowto :-( There should be one.

> I would > recommend you install gdal (, and use gdalinfo to > get projection information for your file. You can than use > gdal_translate + gdalinfo or a proj4 tool to convert between projected > or pixel coordinates and lat/lon.

I'll take a look.



The Agriculture Department of the State I lieve in (which is Italy) offers for free those aerial/satellite pictures which are not the same quality as the Keyhole's ones but are pretty good anyway.
The whole state is covered, resolution is not very high but there are rumours about near future enhancements of the content.
I think I can't redistribute those images being non GPLd but they're free for personal use and they look very nice :-)
I promise, I will write down a howto as soon as I get them texturizing my landscape in FGFS :-)


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