Hey All,

I'm new to FlightGear, and am trying to use it as an image generator
for a simulator I'm developing...I've got it configured to take inputs
from a UDP port to fly, but I want to disable a lot of features so
that all FlightGear does is draw scenery.

In particular, I want to completely remove the instrument panel, the
menus at the top, disable sounds, bypass the flight model (for the
sake of execution speed) and so forth.  But whenever I try to comment
things out of the .xml files, I get errors.  It's easy to change
things, but it seems that removing them creates problems.

For instance, menubar.xml seems happy with this:


but then it draws a small grey box at the corner of the screen.  If I
comment any more out, I get errors.  Commenting an entire airplane out
doesn't seem to work, either....and when I try to remove the panel, it
reverts to a different panel.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this working?


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