Andy Ross said:

> Jim Wilson wrote:
> > Now I'm finding that we're seeking the engine rpm instead of the
> > prop-rpm.
> Andy Ross wrote:
> > If an attribute on the propeller tag takes engine RPM, then that
> > would be a bug.
> See?  I was exactly right. :)
> Can you try the following fix to PropEngine.cpp?  That should fix it,
> but I can't test right now.

That works.  Things seem much saner now.  It's still quite a bit underpowered,
but maybe that just means revisiting a few numbers.

Speaking of which,  in the prop config,  what exactly do the "cruise" numbers
do?  If I'm not getting enough thrust still out of the prop,  what should I
mess with first?

       cruise-alt="21400" cruise-power="1470"
       cruise-speed="380" cruise-rpm="1200"



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