Can I keep FG from going back into plib and fiddling with
textures once the sim is up/initialized!?

I'm using a custom texture that I created using OpenGL
directly (instead of via plib) and I'm getting HOSED when FG
decides to go load new textures (... or when it does whatever
it does when it starts making calls to ssgLoadTextures,
ssgMakeMipMaps, etc., after the sim is executing).  AArrgh!

Are there any reasons why plib wouldn't let me build/use my
own textures? (... I posted a similar question on the
plib-users list to see if I get any replies)

Why does FG need to load anything once the sim is executing? 
Are textures not allocated/created by FG until they're needed? 
Can this 'load-it-as-you-go' behavior be replaced with a
'load-everything' approach?  What are the consequences?



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