Datum: WGS84
Projection: NUTM33
Coordinate top left
x: 353620.2 y: 4225543.6
Coordinate bottom right
x: 354212.2 y: 4225976.1

These are UTM North Zone 33

You probably will want to warp these into LatLon space

I've found "Geotrans Translator v.2.2.5" software; I tried using it for converting from WGS84/NUTM33 to WGS84/Geodetic coordinates and I had some not very good results.
I don't know if I am making something wrong with that software or the starting coordinates are not accurate (although they should be :-)
I'll investigate more and download GDAL too. Let's see.

Do you know Geotrans too? Is it of any value?


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