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On Friday 28 January 2005 05:14, Curtis L. Olson wrote:

I'm told there is a way to do this with shaders, but plib/ssg doesn't
support shaders. :-(


What happended about Manual Massing's new alternative terrain engine? http://www.mail-archive.com/flightgear-devel@flightgear.org/msg29480.html

Does it support shaders and does it get now integrated into Flightgear?
As far as i understood, it is using its own scene graph so
we would be independent from the plib library and this allows us to use
VBO, shaders and multitexturing without the need to wait for an update of the plib library.

It's not that easy. The plib scene graph lib is woven throughout our code. 3d models of aircraft, 3d cockpits, all the animation code is hardwired into plib structures.

We will look into Manual's new terrain engine, but there again, he may have a few small areas available to fly in, but it's not just a drop in replacement that gives us the whole world. From what I've seen it does a nice job of drawing quality terrain. But it's unclear how well that will scale to the entire world. Certainly the data sizes to represent the whole world for this engine will be extreme. Probably 100x what our current approach uses.

This is some *very* difficult stuff and we need to move slowly and cautiously to avoid breaking everything.


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