On Friday 28 Jan 2005 21:21, Paul Surgeon wrote:

> Yes, I'm sure there are plenty of users who are happy with the current
> scenery engine and one of the advantages it has is that there is no paging
> of huge textures while flying. This allows for high speed flights without
> any pausing and can also be run on older hardware or where CPU cycles are
> best used elsewhere like instrument updates or FDM's.
> Last time I tried a Mach 5 flight in FS2004 I ended up with blank/grey
> scenery tiles because it couldn't build and page the textures fast enough. 
> :) For sub-sonic speeds and VFR flight an eye candy terrain engine would be
> very much appreciated.
> Paul

One of the drawbacks of *photographic* scenery is manky shadows on flat 
buildings / bridges etc.

The 'suspension of disbelief' tends to be better when the scenery is less 
'realistic' but has no shadows etc to spoil the mental picture.

I believe that satellite photos can be used well in certain circumstances but 
on the whole 'blanket coverage' can look far worse - you literally get the 
feeling that you are flying over a 'polaroid'.

Dave Martin

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