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<not part of cvs logtext>
Note the diff file has been renamed from the earlier submission.
This version
works better with more complex models.
</not part of cvs logtext>

This patch adds support to the model animation system for modifying
states on the fly so that it is possible to make "lights" appear to

It's committed. Thanks.
I have to figure out how you did this, the alpha-blend patch seemed to
be broken at the moment, probably because of a change in plib :-/

Or because of display lists. We did a trick a the time. Something to
disallow the use of display lists for some animations

If my memory serves correctly, it went wrong at about that time.

It would be good to get it back.

AFAICS, it is still there with the ufo. Could you check by putting fgfs in chase view and do some actions on the throttle.

Where should I look to see something wrong ?


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