Erik Hofman wrote

> Frederic Bouvier wrote:
> > AFAICS, it is still there with the ufo. Could you check by putting fgfs
> > in chase view and do some actions on the throttle.
> Yes, but that one is not textured. So maybe we've tracked it down to
> textured objects only.

The Reflector on the Gun Sight in the Spitfire has a texture, and used to be
blended to 75% transparency. There was also a blend function which used to
adjust the transparency of the graticule. Neither of these functions work
right now. 

The propeller disk is also not blending correctly, although this is harder
to spot.

I thought that perhaps the texture had lost its transparency, but I've
rebuilt it again, with transparency, and it still doesn't work. It certainly
looks as if the blend function doesn't work for textures. 



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