Lee Elliott writes:

> I'm using an ATI 9200 vid card with ATI's drivers and I'm 
> getting:
> Seaching for extensions...
> GLX_SGIX_fbconfig: NO
> GLX_SGIX_pbuffer: NO
> One or more required extension(s) could not be found:
> GLX_SGIX_fbconfig
> GLX_SGIX_pbuffer
> Unable to continue in headless mode - revert to doublebuffer 
> mode? [Y/n] 
> if I try to use --headless mode:(
> Seems ok if I render to a screen though.

Hi Lee,

Could you post the output of glxinfo please?

I've tested this on Radeon 7200 + DRI drivers, and GeForce 5900XT + NVidia 
binary drivers on Linux, but never on ATI's binary Linux drivers.  It's quite 
possible that they've omitted support for GLX extensions entirely, but it's 
also conceivable that they might have used a different name - the output from 
glxinfo might enlighten us.

Cheers - Dave

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