I suspect a flightgear dreamcast port is outside the realm of possibility, but I am forwarding this to our developers list in case someone wants to take a whack at it. It looks like you can get a dreamcast unit for pretty cheap, and it looks like the development tools are open source. However, the dreamcast has pretty wimpy specs by today's standards and I'm not sure the amount of main RAM and video RAM is even close to big enough to run flightgear without severe modifications or rearchitecting the code. There appears to be an SDL port for the dreamcast, but I suspect that there is no opengl available.

If anyone is interested, feel free to run with this and contact Max directly for more information.



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Hi Curtis!
My name is Max Scharl and I'm the C.E.O. of the non-commercial organisation Dreamcast-Scene (www.dreamcast-scene.com) which also has an online database based on the Wiki system.
Currently we're in the early stages of preparing a "Dreamcast porting competition". The goal is to port a game (in your case: your game) to the Dreamcast and the best game and porting skills win. The winner receives prices worth approx. US$850 plus the 10 best productions will be added to the professional pressed CD "Dreamcast Demo Disc". 2.000 units will be produced (incl. case and all that stuff) and it's a free (!) giveaway.
Okay, my question now is if you and your team is interested in this competition. I'm giving you all that info in advance because it would be a shame if we would set up such a competition and nobody would participate, plus I think your project is a bit more complex and it's worth to give it some extra time. :)
If you like some short information about the Dreamcast system:

* The Dreamcast is the one and only (!) videogame console which has a free, open source development kit called KallistiOS: http://www.dreamcast-scene.com/index.php/Main/KallistiOS
* Beside the normal controller, there's also an official keyboard (like a normal PC keyboard), mouse, broadband adapter and modem available.
* There are SDL libraries for Dreamcast out there: http://sdl-dc.sourceforge.net/#SDL
* A Dreamcast system is available for 50 Euros / US$ 40 on eBay.com / eBay.co.uk / etc.
If you have any questions left, please mail me. I'm interested in your opinion on this.
Best regards,

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